I am Mad as Hell!

Saturday, as I was watching the news regarding the Poway Synagogue shooting, I was engulfed in an acute panic attack and actually felt guilty that life was imitating my art.  How does a writer, several years earlier, predict with some accuracy a hate crime shooting at a Synagogue located in Poway?  In Poway.  Not LA or Miami or even San Diego but Poway. Sheer, chilling coincidence that’s how.

Since the 2016 election, all kinds of hate crimes are on the rise.  They are on the rise because white nationalists, or whatever you call them now, have a platform that is condoned by many. Couple that with the NRA peddling death via an AR-15, and we are quickly approaching a de facto civil war.

For me I will keep writing about issues such as looking at hate speech vs. the First Amendment reform. I will continue to write about Second Amendment reform and the way the NRA helps buy elections.  And finally, I will continue to write about ferreting out those who weaponize hate.