Once again Craig and Cate, with help from others, fight to right an injustice.  This time it’s a flamboyant, bombastic billionaire who has a secret that hits close to home.  The pair work with a troop of expert computer hackers to drain the river of dirty money from the billionaire. 

They hatch a plan and with pinpoint precision, siphon off the billionaire’s world-wide, offshore bank accounts.  Ruined financially, his creditors, the Mexican Cartel and the Russian Mafia, come calling for the billionaire.  In a game of international cat and mouse, the cartel eventually makes their way to Craig and Cate too.

With over two billion dollars in stolen dirty money and with the help of Craig’s sister, a U.S. Senator, the pair embarks on using the money to change the American political landscape in 2016 election.