Another Teaser from PERIL

Within 30 seconds the front door of Wallace’s cabin is slowly opened.  Wallace emerges from the cabin through the doorway and steps down three steps from a wooden stairway to a gravel path. All the while FBI agents have their weapons drawn and trained on Wallace.  One hundred feet away from the cabin Wallace is told to kneel. He complies, separating his laced fingers for a moment for balance and kneels on the ground. 

What the agents can’t see is a device tethered with a nearly invisible wire protruding an inch or so from Wallace’s jacket collar in the rear.  Wallace slowly moves his laced fingers back on his head towards his collar.  Officers are now shouting at Wallace to not move or they will fire. Two seconds later Wallace thumbs the device and detonates a bomb concealed by his coat. 

The bomb detonates and radiates from the front of Wallace.  The bomb was constructed in a deliberate manner that the shrapnel would spray who ever was in front of Wallace.  Jeremy Mintz and six other FBI agents died that day.  12 other officers were wounded during the melee.