A Third Book in the Works

With two books under my belt….book two Burned is still being edited…I have just penned the first few pages of my third book in this trilogy. The book, currently untitled continues the story from both Hate and Burned. The following is an excerpt from the book:

Marine Second Lieutenant Glen O’Conner, platoon commander, squats down in the dirt and vomits repeatedly until he has no more to vomit.  He stares into a ditch of some 20 dead men, women, and children.  He notices several teen girls are naked from the waste down and have their white cotton underwear purposefully tied around their necks. Their legs are vulgarly spread wide.   Each of them have a single bullet hole in their forehead. 

Operation Pegasus was launched in March 1968.  The operation was an overland relief expedition to shore up Marines who were under siege during the battle of Khe Sanh at the Khe Sanh Combat Base.  The operation was a joint Marine, Army and South Vietnamese task force. 

It was during this mission that Glen O’Conner’s life changed forever. The Vietnam War in 1968 had just one universal mission, which was kill anything that moves.