BURNED....a teaser

It’s a chilly morning many miles north of Toronto, Canada.  A jogger is running his daily route at fast clip down a road cut from the wilderness of dense trees and brush.  His breath is visible from his quick pace and the low temperature.  The road bends to his right past a small clearing on his left.  He suddenly stops, puts his hands on his hips and catches his breath for a few seconds and turns back towards the clearing.  He cautiously walks towards something he saw that was out of place.  As he draws nearer he sees a disturbing site.  It’s a naked woman lying face down in the leaves and pine needles.


The man is unsure what to do.  He anxiously squats next to the woman and feels for her pulse.  He can make out a faint pulse. He then recoils, retreats a few steps from the woman, pulls out his cell phone, and with shaking hands, dials 911.